Условия за ползване

General terms:

Art. 1. These General Conditions are intended to regulate the relations between Desafio Ltd., Blagoevgrad, Ul. Krushevo 5, UIC 202535224, hereinafter referred to as the PROVIDER, and the customers, hereinafter referred to as USERS, at the e-shop "kartingarea.com", hereinafter referred to as

Art. 2. Information pursuant to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Law on Protection of the Internet


1. Name of Supplier: Desafio EOOD

2. Seat and address of management: Blagoevgrad, Ul. Krushevo 5

3. Address for exercising the activity: Blagoevgrad

4. Correspondence data: Blagoevgrad, Ul. Krushevo 5, Email: info@kartingarea.com, tel: +359 876 200 190

5. Entry in public registers: UIC 202535224,
6. Certificate number for the data controller No. 1


7. Supervisory authorities:

(1) Personal Data Protection Commission

Address: Sofia, 15, Ivan Evstatiev Geshov Str., Tel .: (02) 940 20 46
fax: (02) 940 36 40
Email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg

Web site: www.cpdp.bg

(2) Commission for Consumer Protection

Address: 1000 Sofia, Slaveikov Square No4A, floor 3, 4 and 6, tel .: 02/980 25 24
fax: 02/988 42 18
hotline: 0700 111 22

Web site: www.kzp.bg


Art. 3. ELECTRONIC SHOP e e-shop available at the internet site samozasladuri.com, through which the Users have the opportunity to sign contracts for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP, including the following:

1. To register and create an account for viewing the ELECTRONIC SHOP and using the additional information services;

2. Make electronic statements regarding the conclusion or performance of contracts with ELECTRONIC SHOP via the interface of the ELECTRONIC SHOP page available on the Internet;

3. Conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP;

4. Make any payments in connection with the contracts concluded with ELECTRONIC SHOP, according to the electronic payment methods supported by ELECTRONIC SHOP.

5. To receive information about new goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP;

6. View the goods, their characteristics, prices and delivery terms;

7. To be notified of the rights deriving from the law mainly through

the interface of the ELECTRONIC SHOP on the Internet;


Art. 4. The Supplier shall deliver the goods and guarantee the rights of the Beneficiaries provided for by law in the framework of good faith, the criteria and conditions adopted in the practice, consumer or commercial law.


Art. 5. (1) The users conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP via the supplier's interface accessible on its web site at samozasladuri.com or other means of distance communication.

(2) By virtue of the contract concluded with the Users on the purchase and sale of goods, the Supplier undertakes to deliver and transfer the ownership of the User to the goods, which he has determined through the Interface.
(3) The Beneficiaries shall pay to the Supplier remuneration for the delivered goods under the conditions set forth in the ELECTRONIC SHOP and these General Terms and Conditions. The remuneration is in the amount of the price announced by the supplier of the address of ELECTRONIC SHOP on the Internet.

(4) The Supplier shall deliver the goods requested by the Users within the terms and conditions set by the Provider on the e-shop page and in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.
(5) The price for the delivery shall be determined separately from the price of the goods.


Art. 6. (1) The User and the Provider agree that all statements between them in connection with the conclusion and execution of the purchase contract may be made by electronic means and by electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and Art. . 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act.

(2) It is assumed that the electronic statements made by the Users of the site are made by the persons mentioned in the data provided by the User in making a registration if the User has entered the respective name and password for access.




Art. 7. (1) In order to use an ELECTRONIC SHOP for concluding contracts for the purchase and sale of goods, the User shall enter a name and password of remote access chosen by him / her in cases where the e-shop requires registration.

(2) The name and password for remote access shall be determined by the User through electronic registration on the Provider's website.
(3) By filling in the data and pressing the "Yes, I accept" and "Register" buttons, the User declares that he / she is familiar with these terms and conditions, agrees with their contents